Monday, November 7, 2011

This is actually from this summer. My bad.

I got to see the Northern Lights tonight. They seemed at first to originate from two distinct points on the horizon, gradually and gracefully filling the space between until they converged into one solid ribbon of emerald light. I say solid but it never was... Just as fire retains no shape, neither do these brilliant, dancing streams. Some were misty and vague in their edges. Others were like the ivory of a piano, the colors and depth of illumination changing so quickly from one ray to the next that they took on the appearance of arpeggios, as if we were being allowed to witness the underpinnings of some cosmic, celestial melody.  The effect was unlike I had ever seen and rendered me awestruck instantly... Some of the rays curled out into beautiful whispers, perfectly framing the true Northern Light and its brother the Big Dipper. How complete it looked then! Soon the gleams evolved into rays that appeared to be conduits straight into heaven. Wanting a better vantage point, I lay down and nearly gasped at the enormity of it all. Truly, I saw a light exactly above my head, which descended gradually until it fell upon me, and though it was not a grandiose vision of God, it was a tender glimpse at His handiwork, and I more fully understood my relationship to Him--That I am loved by Him and that He appreciates and honors my love for Him as well. I shared the experience with two of my dear eternal friends, Dustin and Angela, among others, and I know I felt a sense of what it means to have Heavenly Father's love. It marks one of the most breathtaking, contented, and fulfilled moments of my life. Just witnessing it was enough.