Monday, June 7, 2010

Slow and steady does not win the race... Unless everyone is slower and steadier.

What a summer. I say that with a sigh, because it has been One Dramatic Summer. And frankly, I am ready for it to be over. Last Thursday I was coming home from work (home health aide, I work nights) when I stopped behind a delivery-type truck and an SUV on a residential road about a block from my apartment complex. The truck had merged left to make a wide right turn and did not have either blinker on. So the SUV must have assumed it was going to turn left but as it went to pass on the right, the truck went to turn right. Since the SUV was in the truck's blind spot, the truck hit the SUV, which also ran into a parked car, overcorrected, and flipped on its side, shattering glass and spilling the contents of the front seat onto the road. I was the only car on the road and did not see many people walking (it was only about 7:30 a.m.). I probably should have stopped to see what I could do, but my phone was dead and my car charger does not work, so instead I raced home to call 911. I found the closest parking spot and ran like I've never run before even though things were flinging out of my purse all over the parking lot. But unfortunately, my mind was going much faster than my body could handle and I fell over on the sidewalk, scraping up my ankle and making me a gimp for several days. When I Did call 911, there were already police and an ambulance on the scene. Go figure!

Saturday my roommates Anna and Natalie were going to do a mini-triathlon here at BYU-I. I decided to do it too, kind of. I was wishy-washy about it all week, and leaning toward the "no" kind of decision. I was about to chicken out, though I Did bike 5 miles on Wednesday just in case... But Saturday morning at 8:15 (we were supposed to sign in at 8:30), I decided I would regret not doing it if I just stayed in bed. So I got up, stretched, and grabbed my road bike and helmet and went to the track. We were to run 1.5 miles, bike 6, and swim 8 lengths of the pool. I knew I could do each of those events individually, but wasn't sure about all of them together. I came in last in the running, and grabbed my bike just as a guy was hitching his two children to the back of his bike (not the actual children, they were in like a cart thing). We biked to the temple and kept going to Pole Line Road, where we biked another mile or so and turned around. The first three miles with the exception of maybe 1/8 of a mile were uphill, but it made for a really nice ride back. Since my roommates and I could not rent swimsuits (we had all forgotten our I-cards to rent clothing at the gym), we all had to return to our apartment in between events to change, which I did. Oh, may I note that the trailer-kid-bike-guy was ahead of me the entire biking portion of the race. When I got to the pool, there was no one else in it. My roommates cheered me on from the sidelines. And I finished. It took me 1 hour and 44 minutes-the longest cardio workout I've probably ever done all at once, and I was really proud of myself, even if I did finish dead last. The point of all this? Slow and steady will not win you any races, but it will keep you from keeling over while the fast and steady take the gold.

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