Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Barf Bears

So... This summer I am off track at school and only working nights. This leaves me with an immense amount of time to do what I love to do best, namely: sleeping, biking, and lounging around in my hammock.

Initially, I had big plans to write a book with some of my best ideas/theories... But decided instead to just blog them. The word "blog" makes me think of bog, or some kind of ogre barfing.

Speaking of vomiting (I know, what a way to begin the post, right?), the other day I entered the word "Barf" in the prediction mode of my cell phone's texting. Since "case" and "care" use the same letters as barf, "Barf" actually comes up before "care". So often, when I say things like, "Take care", if I'm not careful, it will come out as "Take barf." Which is funny, let's be honest. So my friend Jarrett and I kind of had a go with this and here are some of the ones we came up with. My apologies for how many times the word "Barf" is used in this post.

"Would you like some hair barf products?"

"Oral barf products!"

"All you really barf about is me!"

"Always remember that it was your mom who taught you how to barf!"

"Would you barf to go on a date with me?"

And in response to any such question...

"I would not barf to see a movie tonight."

"I would not barf for any ice cream."

"I cannot believe how much you barf for people."

"This vacuum will barf for all your carpet needs."

"I really won't barf if you leave!"

And Jarrett... "Man, those are dang good ones. You are making me laugh and hungry. I am totally stopping for a dollar cone at McDonalds! Do you barf if I eat it in the car?"

"Man, I haven't seen Barf Bears in years! Want to watch it with me?"

"Handle with Barf"

and two of my personal favorites...

"I have always given great barf to the lady I work with."

"I wouldn't judge you or barf if you had bulimia."

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  1. Oh I must say that I will remember that text conversation for months!, thanks for letting me be a part of it.