Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some things I wish I'd been the first to think of...

Summer is drawing to a close. I've already gone on a wonderful bike ride, explored my crafty side, worked, and taken a nap today. I also looked up room murals online, for some elusive future day when I am settled down and established. I've also been finding little gems here and there in my search to do so. I wanted to share, because, well, sharing is caring.
I thought this one was hilarious. My brother suggested putting real banana peels, but I thought, yeah, right! I've seen what happens to Peach's little racer when she hits one of those! Just don't hit the blue spiky ball. Those things are a killer!
Aw, dang. I know there's the Engrish thing... But I honestly don't think this is a joke!
This. Is. Ingenious. If only I had had these in my Advanced Spanish Grammar and Comp. class!
These are not gingerbread cookies. These are... Ninjabread cookies. They pack a punch, and probably somehow improve your reflexes by a light year or so.
I am so glad, and yet sad, that someone made this picture before I could. Sad because it means my "original" idea wasn't that original after all... And glad because I have had conversations about this exact topic before. UniCORN? I mean really, shouldn't they be called uniHORNS? No wonder they're extinct now. That stuff is de behst.... "Get that corn outta my face!"
I only wish I could see this in action for real. "Luke, I am your father. And because I am your father, I get to hit the pinata first." *slice and coterize*
"Nooooooo! That's not true! That's impossible!"
Oh, brother. Puns will never die, I suppose. Can't lie though, it made me laugh...

Hope you enjoy! I'm sure more will be on the way.


  1. I need those eyes for driving!!!!

  2. Jarrett, if you're SLEEPING while driving, I don't think stick-on fake "awake" eyes are really going to help.

  3. Actually, unicorn comes from greek. Uni- meaning one and Cornu- meaning horn. That's why it's called a cornucopia. Cornu comes from the same indo-european root as horn, that's why they sound similar/have similar meanings. Leave it to the linguist to ruin the joke

  4. Yeah, for real. Well dang it all.